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aversive asexual erasure: maybe it’s just me?

I’ve been extremely indecisive over writing this post because I feel like maybe I’m just paranoid or imagining all this. It seems like, whenever I see a definition or a discussion of asexuality, there is a lot of effort to … Continue reading

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(a)sexual exploration

I didn’t get crushes on boys when my friends did. I didn’t understand the appeal of playing spin-the-bottle at lunchtime. Boys were still yucky. I didn’t understand, either, why my friends read Seventeen, because we were twelve. Desperate to fit in, … Continue reading

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unpopular opinion time: asexuality and sex positivity

This piece was first posted to on October 28, 2011, as part of the first Asexual Awareness  I think it might be time for the asexual movement to tone down the sex positive stuff. Don’t get me wrong: I … Continue reading

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